Today, Machine Learning is one of the most important trends in every area of software engineering. No longer limited to researchers and analysts, it’s a vital part of everything from cybersecurity to web development. 

To help you get started with Machine Learning, we’ve put together this list of 5 free Machine Learning eBooks from Packt. You can download as many of them as you like — all you’ll need to do is register when you download your first title.

1. Learning Python

Okay, full disclosure — Learning Python isn’t specifically a book about Machine Learning. But there’s an important reason it’s the first free eBook on this list: Python is the go-to language if you want to develop Machine Learning models.

This book will help you get up and running with Python if you’re new to the language. You’ll find that it’s actually an incredibly intuitive programming language that is adaptable and flexible for a range of purposes.

Covering the fundamentals of the language, the book will give you a solid foundation in Python before taking you through some of the core areas where Python can be used. Yes, this includes data science and Machine Learning, but it also features guidance on how to use Python in web and application development projects.

Download Learning Python for free.

2. Python Machine Learning

Python Machine Learning is one of the bestselling books on Machine Learning of the last decade. There are a number of reasons for this: Python, as we’ve already seen, has quickly become the definitive Machine Learning language, while author Sebastian Raschka is someone at the cutting edge of Machine Learning and AI research able to translate the subject into something practical and accessible.

Taking you through the data pipeline step by step, and demonstrating how to use the leading machine and Deep Learning libraries, such as scikit-learn and TensorFlow, Python Machine Learning is a vital addition to anyone’s Machine Learning and AI learning plan.

Download Python Machine Learning for free.

3. Python Deep Learning

Deep Learning is the cutting edge of Machine Learning. Put simply, it’s Machine Learning with increased complexity and sophistication, which can then power different forms of Artificial Intelligence.

Python Deep Learning will build on existing Python and Machine Learning knowledge to build more detailed Deep Learning models that can be applied to various areas, including image recognition, and games.

Download Python Deep Learning for free.

4. Artificial Intelligence with Python

The hype around Artificial Intelligence has reached fever pitch, crossing over into the public domain and impacting everything — including politics.

Any of these free eBooks will help you get beneath the hype and explore how to actually make Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence work, but Artificial Intelligence with Python goes straight into the topic. Featuring more advanced concepts that will put your existing knowledge and skills to the test, it is a book that aims to show you how to implement Artificial Intelligence systems as practically as possible.

That means you’ll learn not only the programming concepts and techniques that make Artificial Intelligence, you’ll also be able to put that learning into practice and build your own speech and text recognition systems.

Download Artificial Intelligence with Python for free.

5. Advanced Python Machine Learning

If you’re looking for another guide that will challenge and push you Advanced Python Machine Learning will guide you through some of the most cutting-edge techniques in the field. This will not only help you develop even better Python Machine Learning solutions, but it will also help you understand the language in more detail. In turn, this will give you an even better command over one of the fastest growing languages on the planet.

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