Deep Speech With Apache NiFi 1.8

Tools: Python 3.6, PyAudio, TensorFlow, Deep Speech, Shell, Apache NiFi

Why: Speech-to-Text

Use Case: Voice control and recognition.

Series: Holiday Use Case: Turn on Holiday Lights and Music on command.

Cool Factor: Ever want to run a query on Live Ingested Voice Commands?

Other Options: Voice Controlled with AIY Voice and NiFi

We are using Python 3.6 to write some code around PyAudio, TensorFlow, and Deep Speech to capture audio, store it in a wave file, and then process it with Deep Speech to extract some text. This example is running in OSX without a GPU on Tensorflow v1.11.

The Mozilla Github repo for their Deep Speech implementation has nice getting-started information that I used to integrate our flow with Apache NiFi.

Installation as per Deep Speech

pip3 install deepspeech
wget -O - | tar xvfz -

This pre-trained model is available for English. For other languages, you will need to build your own. You can use a beef HDP 3.1 cluster to train this.

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