How to Write Your First Script in Selenium WebDriver 5

In this blog, you will be given an opportunity to get used to Selenium automation testing as well as the basic instructions on how to write a script in Selenium WebDriver with sample Java code to get you started. Audience The tutorial provides automation testers the basic knowledge of how to write the script in […]

Build Your First Serverless Website with Alibaba Cloud

Serverless is a prevalent buzzword among developers recently, but do you really know how to take full advantage of it? This tutorial will help you to create a small, serverless personal webpage by using Alibaba Cloud What Is Serverless? Serverless is a new computing paradigm in which you can build applications composed of microservices running as […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Running Data Quality Projects

Data quality projects are becoming collaborative and team-driven. As organizations strive to accomplish their digital transformation initiatives, data professionals are realizing they need to work as a team with business operations so everyone has the quality data they need to succeed. Chief Data Officers need to master some simple but useful Dos and Don’ts about […]

Predictive Analytics for Applications

Seven out of 10 application teams plan to add predictive analytics to their products in the next 12 months. But building predictive algorithms and embedding insights in an application presents a number of technical and practical challenges. In this on-demand webinar, we’ll explore best practices for building predictive applications and how to overcome the most […]

Mathematica Geographic Functions and Spherical Triangles

This post will look at the triangle behind North Carolina’s Research Triangle using Mathematica’s geographic functions. Spherical Triangles A spherical triangle is a triangle drawn on the surface of a sphere. It has three vertices, given by points on the sphere, and three sides. The sides of the triangle are portions of great circles running […]

Bots Are Here to Stay

Conversational bots are taking the tech world by the storm. Chatbots enable humans to converse with computers in their native language through a computer interface. The explosion of the app ecosystem, advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies, fascination with conversational UI, and wider reach of automation are all driving the chatbot trend. AI-powered messaging […]

Hybrid Computer-Human Intelligence

My friends at GRAKN.AI recently published an interesting article lamenting that “machines should be able to outperform humans in many more tasks than they currently can, or at least that they should be able to make truly smart predictions.”   The article makes the point that AI has cracked one of the key attributes of human intelligence — learning — […]

Using Deep Search in Streaming Big Data Flows

Deep Speech With Apache NiFi 1.8 Tools: Python 3.6, PyAudio, TensorFlow, Deep Speech, Shell, Apache NiFi Why: Speech-to-Text Use Case: Voice control and recognition. Series: Holiday Use Case: Turn on Holiday Lights and Music on command. Cool Factor: Ever want to run a query on Live Ingested Voice Commands? Other Options: Voice Controlled with AIY Voice and NiFi We […]

5 Free eBooks to Help You Learn Machine Learning in 2019

Today, Machine Learning is one of the most important trends in every area of software engineering. No longer limited to researchers and analysts, it’s a vital part of everything from cybersecurity to web development.  To help you get started with Machine Learning, we’ve put together this list of 5 free Machine Learning eBooks from Packt. […]

Yes, Open Offices Can Work (Just Not the Way You’d Think)

An open-plan office seems like a no-brainer for a company that makes software designed to increase transparency and collaboration between teams. But they come with some serious trade-offs. When it came time to design Atlassian’s new office space in San Francisco, we got brutally honest with ourselves and had to face facts: the standard approach […]